Did You Know??

Collectively, women in sub-Saharan Africa spend 16 million hours every day collecting water, with women and girls responsible for collecting 71 percent of all household water.

Unpaid Care Work are the household chores which is performed mainly by women. Unpaid Care Work comes in different forms; fetching water, cleaning the house, cooking, washing, caring for the young ones and elderly person in the family to mention few. It is termed as Unpaid Care Work because these chores requires the use of time and energy which is the basic needs of work to be done, and these chores render service to people in the family(thus caring for them) and no one in the family is paid for doing that.

Facts About Unpaid Care Work

  1. Unpaid Care Work is perceived as women’s work.
  2. Women are economically unstable because of Unpaid Care Work.
  3. 1 out of 10 men help with Unpaid Care Work.
  4. Unpaid Care Work is one of the major contributing factors to the girl child dropping out of school.
  5. Worldwide, women are responsible for 75 percent of all unpaid care work. They spend up to three hours more a day doing housework than men and up to 10 times the amount of time a day caring for children and the elderly.
  6. Unpaid Care Work is a contributing factor to high rate of poverty in Africa.

Way Forward……

Gone are the days when women sit at home and do no paid work so are conformed to Unpaid Care Work . Now the world has changed so fast that most women do paid work now combined with Unpaid Care Work single handed, this is really troubling and sad. Men and boys should RECOGNISE that Unpaid Care Work is a real work which takes time and energy and women cant do it alone without the support of the men. The work have to be Redistributed among householders fairly (not based on gender differences) when this is done there will be REDUCTION of burden on the women and they can also be more productive both at work and in school. Men support your wives, sisters and mothers this will contribute massively to achievingthe SDGs.

~Jesuslyn Sackey